2 - 9 August during YMG

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK - from The Friend 21.8.14
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Reaction to the Legacy Garden:
“Well done on a very worthwhile and impressive project.”

Hello Deb, I have been to have a look at the Legacy Garden at Esther Parkin and must say you have all done a great job on turning the area into a more usable and pleasant area, well done to you all.
Kind regards, Dave Hunt Estates Dept University of Bath.

“For me, a highlight of the week was the Q legacy garden which, thanks to imaginative vision was a focus for Quakers from all over the country. It was a marvellous way of meeting Friends while sharing a very worthwhile task.
The fact that it spanned the week meant that one met these Friends regularly in many cases and it was a relief to have a base for 'Still in the garden' at the beginning of the day, somewhere to return to after other sessions and a delight to behold as it took shape, thanks to everybody's hard work. And it is still there as a Quaker witness !”
Toni Berry.

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