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Here are links to two videos made during our busy week
  Nigel is a member of Cheltenham LM, a retired NHS consultant and novelist. His first novel Speak to Me: Mute witty and dangerous, follows a 14 year old girl who can't speak as she starts school.
He’s studying animation and film-making at the City Lit in London and Oxford Film. Nigel says “As Quakers we need to emulate the campaigners against slavery and master the new media. I feel film making can draw in younger people who grow up surrounded by moving images.”
  Kevin is a filmmaker from Street Meeting who filmed the Welcome film at YMG where Quakers from the region, doing extraordinary things, set the theme of the week.
‘What does it mean to be a Quaker today?’
His reflection of the Gathering week include the part the garden played in the event.




2 - 9 August during YMG

We made it! During 2014 Yearly Meeting Gathering at Bath we said we’d build a garden to leave a lasting gift to the University and a reminder of our Quaker way….and we did!

It was hard work but, I hope, lots of fun too for all the volunteers who came along to take part during the week. Thanks so much to you all. Every day brought us new gifts- the right people at the right time- conversations we could never have had indoors, the quiet time of ‘Still in the Garden’ each morning was a very special experience for all - and we were blessed with the weather too!

We had people from across the country working together-digging, building, barrowing earth and stone and planting up the bee friendly and scented garden. It all goes to show what you can achieve when your Friends turn up to help! It already is developing a sense of place resonant of the many special outdoor Quaker places we have in our care.

Our hope is that Meetings around the country will be encouraged to see what difference can be made to our gardens and burial grounds so they may ‘speak of our condition’ to the wider community. The Legacy Garden is almost complete; we’ll return in September to put up a dedication sign and hand over the maintenance to the University Estates team.

No time to rest on our laurels though (we didn’t plant any!) Now it’s time to take the work forward. We hope you’ll join in sending your entries for the website page of gardens and burial grounds we want to map across the country. We’ll be updating the mailing list and sending out forms for you to take part in that shortly.

The making of the Legacy Garden has been a wonderful experience for all involved with the Quaker Gardens Project. We’d like to go on and work with events for Meetings but we need your support. If you want to get involved, have a garden we need to know about or a problem we can help solve – or you simply wish to donate to enable this work to help others -please get in touch.

Remember our idea- Give a Gift- Give a Garden.

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